Saturday 17 February 2007

The Tin Donkey Returns!

Several years ago I had My Very Own Website about cycling in Europe. Lots of people enjoyed reading about the travels in Travels with a Tin Donkey, but it was pretty time-consuming to write and expensive to maintain. I copied all the material I had put on it and in 2003 I shut it down. In the meantime, blogging was invented and now I have a way to bring back my stories about great rides and the cycling life.

I plan to repost the old articles and then start adding new ones for your reading pleasure. I hope that you enjoy the New! and Improved! Tin Donkey website.

The Sprocketboy


Anonymous said...

Hey Leslie -

About time you revived the Donkey!



Mariette said...

How wonderful, how spectacular and lovely. Great photos. Mariette