Monday 16 July 2007

Summer holidays--you call that summer?

Back safely from Europe! Well, that was a pretty mixed bag--in 23 days of holidays for me, it rained on 21 days. I have never seen such poor weather in Europe for such an extended time but a holiday is still a holiday. Our spirits were kept high by the beauty of Alsace, along with a lot of wine, for the week we were there. The Lost Boys Tour d'Alsace 2007 was counted by all as a success, with great scenery, good food and excellent company. The group is shown here at the gates of Ribeauville-- from left: Anti-Gravity Jon, Chill, Steve Z., the Thin Man and Dr. Chef.

Dr. Chef and Mr. Chill ride up the hill towards Ribeauville: poetry in motion

Full details of this exceptional week, including our visit to a distillery and to the famous Schlumpf Collection, will be made public in the the next few days, along with tales of my week in Berlin and week in Markgraflerland, "the Tuscany of Germany."

And the Sprocketboy has way too much to drink

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Will said...


The weather was awful - but yes the trip was a huge success - for me - very fun.

Favourite weather comment:

During our 5 pass rain craziness in freezing weather.

Andrew: "let's stay together, if I get a flat tire I will be hypothermic in 2 minutes"