Saturday 26 January 2008

300 Cols in 30 Days: One Tough Ride

Just to show you that there are really no limits to what you can do if you set your mind to it, I came across an interesting story recently from the UK. In order to raise money for a charity dedicated to anti-personnel mine removal, MAG (Mines Advisory Group), Phil Deeker of Salisbury, celebrating his 50th birthday on August 1, went for a big bike ride. In the Alps, the Pyrenees and the Cevennes. Altogether his 29 day trip, with 26 of actual riding, covered 4600 km and, get this, 82 vertical kilometers! The 319 cols that he climbed appear to include all the great rides of the Tour de France. He began the ride with another rider who lasted only as long as the first stage (a mere 7 cols!). On one of the toughest days he climbed 22 passes. I think to date the most I have done in one day is, uh, four.

Phil was assisted by his wife, driving the team support vehicle, and he was occasionally joined by other cyclists but it is very impressive that in addition to having the physical stamina necessary he had the motivation to keep going in some rather poor weather conditions. But at the end he persevered and raised £6,600 for MAG. Epic indeed--well done, Phil!

You can read the story here and check out lots of fog in the slideshow here.

If I am going to look half as good on the cols this summer as Phil did, I may have to push up the training a bit more...


Will said...

If he ever sells his legs on EBAY, I will buy them.

Wow. pretty unbelievable.

BTW, you (and me) cycled past 7 cols on the Vosges Cyclosportif last July 1st (although we didn't fully climb all of them).

Anonymous said...

That is impressive... True perseverance. I think you are taking part in the trip with Will. If so... it looks awesome. Have a blast conquering those Cols.

Sprocketboy said...

I figure that since this fellow is a full year younger than I am, I will only have to climb 312.6 cols in 29 days to be equally impressive.

And, Will, I am pretty sure that there is a difference between riding seven cols and looking at them! Let alone 22.

Will said...


In fact it's only thanks to Leslie that our July Tour d'Enfer will take place.

His vision and efforts. He has/is organizing everything.

I only have to pedal it.