Friday 17 April 2009

My Latest Book Review at Custom Bicycles

I recently had the opportunity to review a beautiful new book on custom bicycles, and my comments have now appeared here at Enjoy!


Groover said...

I like reading your reviews. They always make me wanna rush out and buy the book.

So you are aching for a Llewellyn? I'm going to ride with my friend John this afternoon, who happens to ride a beautiful Llewellyn frame and evertime I sit on John's wheel I admire this tiny little heart ornament on his seat tube ... John is good friends with Darrell and rides with him frequently.

Sprocketboy said...

I am pleased that you enjoyed the review--after all, it was a book published in Australia! I enjoyed meeting Darrell very much at Cirque du Cyclisme and I keep thinking of the bike he brought to the show, which had to be one of the most wonderful bikes I have seen. With little frogs on it, as you can see:

The level of craftsmanship is something special.

Pedalman said...

Great review! A bit of a tease though as it's not available in Canada until late May.
I've ordered my two copies and now I must will make it that much sweeter once it arrives.

Sprocketboy said...

Those of us with Special Connections get advance review copies!