Friday 3 July 2009

Time Trial Thursday: Progress!

I went out last night in spite of the clouds and did a good warm-up. I decided to change my strategy as the wind was dying down (for the first time ever!) and I would have a slight headwind going out and nothing much on the way back so this time I would hold back on the ride out.

The result was surprising as I crossed the finish line (after my first time trial in rain) feeling much stronger than usual. Not only did I manage to pass two other riders en route but I set a Personal Best time of 22:42 in the 15 kms. This translates out to 39.65 km/h, so while I am not quite at 40 km/h I only need to find 12 more seconds and I was 21 seconds faster than last week. Unfortunately, this effort will be delayed a bit as part of our tt course is being repaved and as of next week the course will be shortened to 10.75 kms. On the next two Sundays I will have some 40 km time trials to contend with...

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