Friday 27 November 2009

My Latest Book Review at Tomorrow we ride

It is rainy in Ottawa (although unseasonably warm) and the training is tapering off.  Time to dig into the library and read some great cycling literature again. has just published my my review of Jean Bobet's "Tomorrow we ride...", a memoir of his life with famous brother Louison, and you can read it here.


Anonymous said...


As a Breton big fan of Pez, I enjoyed a lot your article about Jean Bobet, but I can't let you go with the spelling error in the word "plouc" you wrote "plouac" in your article.

Great article : such a pleasure to read in English about heroes of the 50's ! Thanks a lot !


Sprocketboy said...

Thank you for the correction, Jean-Marie. I am mortified and it will be corrected! It is no excuse that I am familiar with the Flemish "flahute," but not "plouc." The Bretons have such a wonderful cycling history that it simply must be fixed.

I am very glad you enjoyed the review. I will have some more interesting things coming up at soon.

Anonymous said...

The word comes from the beginning of the name of a lot Breton villages : "plou", cf the article in the french version of Wikipedia :

Thanks again ! Can't wait for your next article.