Thursday 31 December 2009

Happy New Year!

In a bit of irresponsible reporting, a formerly-respected cycling website claims here that Jens (!) Voigt believes he will not be able to win the Tour de France anymore.  True fans of Jens (!) know that a little thing like being 38 is no obstacle to him, and we look forward to another season of Amazing Jens (!) Riding in 2010.  Without the faceplant this time, of course.

It has been a case of yet another year flying by and I did not meet all those New Year's Resolutions set last January but I came close (except for the 100 push-ups non-stop).  Highlights on the road during rides totalling 6266.78 kms were many: the Tour des Appalachians training camp; the Cirque du Cyclisme; the Great Allegheny Passage Trail; completing a 200 km brevet and getting totally soaked and quitting a 300 km one; averaging more than 40 km/h for several admittedly-short time trials; the Lost Boys tour of Bavaria and Northern Italy; researching and assembling my wonderful old Raleigh racing bicycle.

Not only do I wish Jens (!) the best for 2010, but every one of you as well.  May your roads be freshly paved, the scenery splendid, and your riding buddies (and cycling correspondents) as admirable as mine.

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Will said...

Happy New Year

Look forward to seeing you in the Pyrénées