Monday 18 July 2011

Jens Voigt Bike Handling

I am a great admirer of Jens Voigt, the Leopard-Trek pro and cycling hard man, but at times his bike handling is a bit strange. On Saturday he fell down twice during the Tour de France. The first time he overshot a corner and went over the edge, which I can understand misjudging, but the second crash, at 1:12 on this video, is baffling:

That's enough crashes for this Tour, Jens!


Larry and Heather said...

Was this the crash he described as "I braked so hard my tire exploded"? Larry wondered about that -- does this mean he locked up the rear wheel and skidded through the tire and tube, causing it to deflate? How else could such a thing happen? Looks to Larry like he just plain screwed up the corner, knew he'd never make it and chose instead to run wide and off the pavement rather than chance high or low siding it on the pavement.

Sprocketboy said...

I think on the first crash (0:38 into the video) you are right: he just overcooked the corner and chose to go off road. But it is the second crash on the video, where he seems to fall over into the pavement, that baffles me.

Larry and Heather said...

The second one to us looks like he simply lost the feeling of traction at the front and crashed. We saw that one live on TV. He was trying to make up time after the first mishap and just grabbed too much front brake or leaned it over just a bit too much for the grip available. But the "braked so hard..." quote continues to mystify us.