Friday 23 December 2011

And people laugh at my bicycle storage...

A couple in Portland, Oregon, have had a $1.5 million custom house built that features fine views of the city but, more importantly, a separate structure for their 22 bicycles, including a fitness area and a sauna. She is a pro racer and he rides as an amateur.

"They ended up spending over a million dollars building a dramatic three-story wood-and-glass contemporary with a roof deck far above neighboring roofs, giving them a 360-degree view of the city. A separate 600-square-foot "garage" houses their 22 bikes plus many other extras a bike enthusiast might want, from a hot-water washing station for muddy bikes to a sauna, fitness room and fix-it station."

If you look at the slide show in the accompanying article here you can see the bike room which, frankly, looks a bit crowded to me. I would envision something involving a podium for the Colnago Mexico (under a spotlight) and some space to walk around and admire the other bicycles. But it is good to see priorities set properly.

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Cameron Robertson said...

I can't imagine having 22 bikes in my apartment unit much less if I had a separate self storage building to house all of them! Even if I had the money to build a garage pod like that!