Thursday 2 May 2013

Help Make A Film About Cycling Through the Heart of Historic Italy!

Paolo Casalis, the filmmaker who did "the Final Kilometer" is putting together another cycling film and is seeking financing on Indiegogo.  Everything is in Italian but if you kick in 25 Euros through PayPal you will get a DVD.  I want to make sure that the subtitles are done properly this time so I have already contributed!

Here is a fast translation of the description of the project, which seeks to raise 4000 Euros:

"VenTo: the Po on Two Wheels" -documentary film in the works
(Release October 2013 - if the campaign financing is successful!)
Support the film by booking your copy at here.

"Ven.To, the Po on Two Wheels"

The green artery of Italy, cycling along the river Po, from Turin to Venice.  A great cycle path that runs through Italy along the Po valley, following the course of the river Po from Turin to Venice and back again.

According to a handful of seasoned professors at the Polytechnic of Milan it would be possible to connect existing paths to complete the course.  They have prepared a detailed promotional plan for this project and on May 26 will set out on their bikes for a ride of over 800 km, from Turin to Venice.

Ven.To could be the first eco-friendly cycle route through four regions and some of the most beautiful Italian cities: Milan, Cremona, Ferrara, Parma and many others.  The film is also the story of an important development opportunity for Italy based on this green artery. A visual journey that links incredibly varied daily stories, vibrant economic realities, and narrates the balance between tradition and need for change.

Ven.To is also the adventure of 5 professors on 10 wheels and their encounters through travel, landscapes, joys and sorrows of each and the challenge of completing the route.  The documentary will be welcomed by the people, associations, administrators--all those people who may give wings to the project VEN.TO, and everyone with an interest in Italy and cycling.

The shooting of the film will take place in May 2013. The release of the documentary is scheduled for October 2013.

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