Thursday 2 April 2015

Book Review Soon: The Great Road Climbs of the Netherlands

I was thrilled to read today that Rapha will soon release the latest in its series of beautiful road climb books.  I have reviewed the first three, written by Graeme Fife, for and they covered the Northern Alps, Southern Alps and the Pyrenees.   I knew that sooner or later the famous climbs of Gouda country would have to be covered and I am looking forward to receiving this latest volume.  Although publication was announced today there was no release date so we will all have to be patient.  Until then, here is what Rapha tells us about this fabulous new book:

The Rapha Guide to the Great Road Climbs of the Netherlands

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With the grand opening of Cycle Club Amsterdam this month and the Tour de France setting off from Utrecht in July, Rapha are proud to introduce a new publication.

The Rapha Guide to the Great Road Climbs of the Netherlands is a uniquely unique niche cycling guide to the great cols of the Netherlands. Inspired by Admiral Francis Beaufort, the author – Edwin de Groot – combines careful meteorological research with a blustery narrative style, supported by beautiful photographic portrayals of the imposing landscapes taken by Peter Von Drinkel. It gives persuasive encouragement – if you needed any – to visit.

The Great Road Climbs of the Netherlands is not a conventional guide to the roads of Holland. Facts and guidance is offered on obscure and well-known Dutch mountains, but the gripping element is rather a highly variable scale of Beaufort. The variety and peculiarity of the wind and its direction leaves the reader with a colourful and memorable picture. As Joop Zoetemelk once said: “Headwinds are far more menacing and unpredictable then any Alpine pass.”
Climbs featured include:
  • De Afsluitdijk
  • Oosterscheldekering
  • Kanaaldijk Oost and West
  • De Vogelweg
  • Noordzeeroute
  • Oostvaardersdijk
  • Zuiderdijkweg
  • Haardijk-Banweg
  • Middenweg
Ja, dit is gewoon wat luchtig vermaak, dus wees niet beledigd. En natuurlijk, je kunt dit lezen, dus je weet wat er aan de hand is.

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