Sunday 28 October 2007

Cycle Hero Campaign

Cyclists, much to my surprise, are not apparently considered cool here by the Public at Large, and commuting cyclists fall into the lowest category of the low. The Cyclists' Touring Club of the United Kingdom took matters into its hands and, taking advantage of all the buzz about global warming, prepared a message for distribution in cinemas across the country. "Cycle Hero," a short film shown before features, has now been seen by over 5 million moviegoers since it was released in summer, and it has of course made it into YouTube as well. You can see it here , and go for the 2 minute version. If this can't make us cool, nothing can.


Will said...

Yes It is bizarre but in the UK cyclists - particularly commuters - are much maligned.

It's a function of crowded roads, lazy, fat, bad drivers, the occasionally bad cyclist (running lights), etc.

Luckily this attitude is far less prevalent in mainland Europe

Sprocketboy said...

Of course, in North America commuters are not much more appreciated than in the UK. Of course it takes courage to ride to work since, unlike much of continental Europe, everything is stacked against the bike commuter: distances; massive traffic volumes on dangerous roads; unsecure parking areas; and no showers. But I have been ridiculed far less as a bike commuter than as a lycra-clad roadie.

Bob said...


Is it possible that there is a positive correlation between lesser treatment and "lycra-clad"?

Sprocketboy said...

With my superb physique, I would have thought "lycra-clad" would have led to unstinting admiration. This has not been completely true.