Sunday 16 December 2007

Definitely the end of the 2007 Cycling Season

A Big Storm!

The Northeastern United States and Eastern Canada are being hammered by a very impressive snowstorm that has probably already dumped nearly 2 feet of snow on us.

The NOAA image at right shows the satellite image as of 4 pm today and there is still a lot of the white stuff yet to come. Amazingly, we will be barbecuing some veggie burgers tonight, once I dig out the barbeque on the deck of course.

So for those of you suffering the same storm, may your shovels be light. For those without snow, be sure to go for a ride for me since I think it will be some time before we dig out, let alone before I get on a bicycle for an outdoor ride!

The deck--it was clear this morning!

Our street, somewhere in there...

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Anonymous said...

Yeah- frustrating! We only have cold temps here (NC) otherwise, beautiful sun for riding. Unfortunately, I've been hacking up a lung (Bronchitis)... Maybe someone should invent one of those virtual helmets to wear while were on the trainer. It would make it look and feel like we're riding outside or maybe even along a Tour stage. OK - I think I need sleep.