Thursday 13 December 2007

Sustrans wins the lottery!

Sustrans, the UK organization developing a national cycling network, was in the running for a massive lottery prize to develop its Connect 2 program in 79 communities. The project, one of four in contention, received 42 percent of the votes cast, making it the clear public favourite. Sustrans has identified an additional 100 million pounds of community money that it can now access over the coming years in addition to the 50 million pounds of lottery money.

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Dreams do come true, and you can bet on that. Cycling in the United Kingdom has just been granted $102 million (50 million pounds) by the U.K.'s Big Lottery Fund. Several weeks ago we ran a note asking you to help the cause by voting in favor of cycling receiving the big prize. (Pedestrians get a piece of the pie too.) The windfall will be supplemented with a matching amount from local authorities. According to Carlton Reid at, the money will fund 79 projects in the next five years, such as bridges to connect disjointed bike paths. It was the biggest-ever U.K. lottery grant awarded by public vote, with cycling receiving 42% of the tally against three other projects.

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Will said...

This is great news. Sustrans do fantastic work and the UK network continues to get better - while the highways and trains continue in gridlock.

On the news today, the UK train services recommended NOT traveling during Christmas - what a mess.