Monday 24 March 2008

The Brewery to Brewery (B2B) Ride: still yet another intersection of beer and cycling

Harpoon's Boston brewhouse

Yet another confirmation of the synergy between beer and cycling (as if one were needed) is Harpoon Brewery's annual ride from its original brewery in Boston to the one it acquired in 2000 in Windsor, Vermont: the Brewery to Brewery Ride (B2B).

June 14th, 2008 will mark the eighth time that this charity event has taken place. It is 143 miles/230 kms in length and is over a single day. Riders must be able to complete the event, including rest stops, in 10 hours or less and participants must be able to average at least 16 mph/25 kmh for the course. It appears that support is fairly minimal enroute.

Start times are dependent on your planned speed, with six groups leaving from 6 am onwards. It must be fun: the numbers were limited to 80 invited riders for the first three years, then increased to 300 riders in 2005, 375 in 2006 and 500 in 2007. The ride in 2008 was limited to 650 participants, and on March 20 it was sold out.

So better get on the e-mail list and mark it down for 2009!


Anonymous said...

I have never really thought of 143 miles in a day as all that much fun.....til now. B2B apears to be two days of riding at Ragbrai condensed into a single day with all the beer drinking AFTER the ride is over. I think it actually could be EASIER than a single day at Ragbrai.

I like the peloton idea. I wonder how long the pelotons hold together.

Sprocketboy said...

I am sure that the idea that an entire brewery awaits at the end is an excellent motivator!

I once did a 200 km ride entirely in a pack and it worked out surprisingly well. If people have the skills not to ride into each other your average speed is pretty amazing.

Donald said...

Thanks for the suds... I mean heads up.
I'd love to drink...I mean do that ride.

rick said...

Its not accurate to call B2B a charity ride. Although a few spots were opened for donations to cancer research this year the primary purpose is to ride and enjoy the beer and bbq at the end. This will be my 4th B2B and each year the organization improves inspite of increasing numbers. Alot of great (strong) riders who know what they are doing.

Sprocketboy said...

Rick, you are one of the lucky ones to get into this ride. I post guest articles from time to time so if you would like to send me something, either to post or as a link, I would be happy to put it in.

By charity ride I am not thinking of the MS150 or anything, but a ride that donates money to a good cause. The B2B contributes funds to the Windsor, Vermont Fire Department, Team Psycho Elite for aspiring Olympians, and Harpoon Helps, the brewery's philanthropical arm. Yet another reason to drink more beer!