Thursday 17 April 2008

A Golden Oldie

I want to be as fast as Gordy Shields of El Cajon, California, who rode a 20 km time trial a few days ago in 44:53. Now, my best time trial to date has been 40 km in 1 hour and 2 minutes, so before you think I am regressing somehow the thing about Mr. Shields' ride is that he is presently 89 years old, and his ride knocked 12 minutes off of the previous US national best time in the 90+ age group. You can read about his ride here. I am not only impressed by his effort, but by the fact there are people out there competing in the 90+ age group at all!

Cycling is a great sport, and it is exciting to think that I might be still able to do it, and perhaps set my own records, another four decades from now. Of course, I may have to live in the San Diego area to do this but I can think of much worse things, such as training in the basement again for another five months. I still look back fondly at my January 2007 training session at Cycling Camp San Diego and would go back anytime.

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