Wednesday 23 April 2008

My Latest Book Review

The most excellent is running my latest book review. It is on the superb Rapha Guide to the Great Road Climbs of the Pyrenees. Read the review here.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for highlighting this book - I think it looks great. I have ridden a few of the Pyrenean passes in the eastern part of the range and highly recommend it.

Not sure that I would use this book for planning but I think it is perfect coffee table material and probably also good for reminiscing in years to come.

Sprocketboy said...

Actually, I think the book would be good for planning. It gives a real sense of the different regions in the Pyrenees, and excellent analysis of each climb. I would photocopy the pages for particular climbs. Not only is it too heavy to bring on a trip but it would be a shame to subject it to the possibility of travel injury!

Will said...

Well done getting this on Pez

Sounds great.

the pyrenees are a dream of mine