Saturday 17 January 2009

Yet More on Beer and Bicycling: Stella Artois Vintage Race

This wonderful ad for Belgium's Stella Artois beer came to my attention through a posting on the excellent Biking Bis, where there is also an account of the filming of it on the dirt roads of Mallorca. Enchanting, and just the thing to keep us motivated through those winter training sessions. Of course, Belgium is legendary for marvellous beers and, alas, boring Stella Artois is not one of those but, still, a great ad.


Ron George said...

Its a tad bit long, but they keep you waiting for the ending.

Groover said...

I saw the advert a couple of months ago on and loved it. Only thing is: It made ME wanna head down to the next pub instead on the windtrainer in the basement? :-)

Unknown said...

Brilliant. Cheers Papa