Tuesday 3 March 2009

Lance Armstrong = Jan Ullrich?

Lance Armstrong
photo by KMC, Creative Commons

I do not appear to be the only cyclist working on losing the pounds prior to the season beginning. Here is my motivational quote of the week:

Lance Armstrong was delighted with Leipheimer’s and the Team’s victory {at the Tour of California}. He was also pleased with his performance, though recognizes that improvements can be made. “I cannot complain about the results and how I feel on the bike, but I still have to work on my bike position. To improve in the mountains, I surely have to lose weight. I am already strong enough, but I need to get lighter.”

Fat Lance Armstrong wants to get to 74 kg--my goal was 75 kg by June, so should I race him to get there before the Giro starts in May?


Bandobras said...

Naw don't race him into the spiral of weight loss. Even though it's a temptation go at your own speed now and you'll be faster later.
Then you can take him after the TDF when he's tired.

ItchyBits said...

Go for it!

Sprocketboy said...

I was at the Tour de France last year so since I discovered Guinness beer on Sunday for the first time I thought I would lose the weight now and work Lance over at the Tour of Ireland in August.

Groover said...

Why do I always think of doughnuts when Jan Ullrich's name is mentioned?

Lance in the quote also says: "...I'm strong enough ..."

Are you?

Why do you want to try and beat Lance on the 'light part' of the equation instead the 'strong part'?

... just saying ... :-)

Sprocketboy said...

It would not be fair to challenge a formerly retired person on the "strength" end of things so I thought that the "light" part would be better.

Judi said...

how light is 74kg anyways?

Sprocketboy said...

74 kg is just a hair over 163 pounds. Since Lance Armstrong is not quite as tall as I am if we are the same weight he will still look porky.

Donald said...

Of course you should! What great motivation. But you know what this means? It could mean no special cookies for you that my wife will be making for the Spring Training Camp in the mountains. Oh well... more for the rest of us. :)

Sprocketboy said...

What? No cookies! Well, it is clear that I will have to get to 74 kg by April 1 now instead of May 9. Since I am now below 76 kg (finally) this just might be possible.

Or I could just lie and get the cookies.