Sunday 1 March 2009

New Year's Resolutions Progress Report for February

Somehow the first two months of the year have zipped by and it is now March 1. As my monthly ritual of public humiliation, I once more am forced to provide details of how my New Year's Resolutions are being met (or not):

Goal No. 5: Weigh 75 kg by June 1

After the very rapid weight loss I have seen since mid-December, things have slowed down as expected. My current weight is 76.6 kg (168.8 lbs), but the lowest I hit in February was an even 76.0 kg (167.5 lbs). It is very encouraging that I only have just over 1 kg (2.2 lbs) to shed in the next three months so barring any serious backsliding this is looking good.

Goal No. 6: Learn to ski fearlessly around corners and downhills

My cross-country ski classes went well, and the "Help on Hills" course was a big sucess. The next day I went out to Mer Bleue where I discovered that the tracks were very icy and my excellent one-day experience of snowplow turning did not help a whole lot. Since then the weather has not worked out so well, being either brutally cold or rainy, without much nice snow at all.

Goal No. 7: Be able to do 101 pushups in a row, beating Groover

I am up to 35 now, and my chin-up count has reached 12. On track, I think, but how on earth did she do 100?

In terms of rides planning, the North Carolina training camp is organized for April 1-5. Hooray!

The new time trial frame has been built-up and is undergoing final adjustments. This will be a very sweet ride and I feel faster just sitting on it. Look for a detailed report on Dreadnought 2 soon. And the Louis Garneau skinsuit is here so I will look very UCI ProTourish. The first time trial is April 10 but I think it will be too cold for a short-sleeved skinsuit then.

Between having the old time trial bike taken apart and off the trainer, and a minor bout of flu, I have not been able to train much this past week. I had planned to train for 23 hours this month and actually got in 31:30 so nothing to complain about there. In addition, I have been riding BlackAdder to work every day since February 9. There have been some days when it was very hard, like this past Monday and Tuesday when it was around -22C when I left home, but this is definitely earlier than I have managed before.


Pedalman said...

Congrats on being ahead and within reach of your weight goal.35 push-ups is nothing to scoff at, I'd be lucky to hit 10.
Have a great time in NC and I look forward to reading about the new ride.

Will said...

Great job on the weight loss!

Sprocketboy said...

Thanks for the nice comments! With the training camp coming up in four weeks I hope to keep my motivation going strong until then since March in Ottawa makes you think winter will never, ever end. The weight loss has gone really well but I am even more pleased that I have not got sick and tired of weight training since I am beginning to see real results in terms of core strength--that Men's Health magazine covershoot will someday be within reach.