Thursday 12 November 2009

A Cyclist's Dream

Cyclists are obviously more mainstream in France as they are deemed worthy of being fooled on television.  The host of this program has played a wonderful trick on unsuspecting riders here as they suddenly discover they have won a race they did not know they had even entered.  All the touches are here: the motorcycle with the time blackboard, the following Citroen 2CV, the Devil, the Podium Girl with the trophy, and, of course, the mandatory drug test!

Funny Tour De France Prank - Watch more Funny Videos


Groover said...

Great sense of humour. I've seen this before but I can watch it over and over again!

Donald said...

That is hilarious!!! I'm still grinning. I thought one of those guys was going to hit somebody after 5 or 6 cups of water were thrown in his face. I hope this happens to me one day in the Pyrenees... it'll help me get to the top of say... the Tourmalet.