Thursday 28 January 2010

Berlin Six Day Race Begins Today!

photo by Andrew Curry

It is with a heavy heart that once again I see the Berlin Six Day Race will take place without me spectating.  This is the 99th running of this wonderful sporting event.  At least my Berlin-based journalist friend, Andrew Curry, has been able to do a write-up about it, which you can find here.

I am sure it will be yet again a great event, with superb racing and a lot of beer.

January 29th UPDATE:  Since posting the above, I see that my good friends at have provided an interesting analysis of the race in Berlin, which you can read here.  It does not sound like smooth sailing in the world of the Six Day Races.  Although I knew that Dortmund and Munich were pretty well done, I have always thought that the last place where the Six Days would have financial issues would be Berlin but the recession is clearly reaching everywhere.  The non-appearance of the flamboyant Bruno Risi is to be particularly regretted.


Unknown said...

Awesome! Do you know where to find results, or even better, an online streaming of the Six Day?


Sprocketboy said...

I have found a Swiss website that is posting the results:

I don't know if will do it as well in English. My German contacts have been looking for a live feed but have not come up with anything, alas.