Friday 2 April 2010

The Vinyl Cafe and High-end Road Cycling

The popular weekly CBC radio program, the Vinyl Cafe, features music and tales as master storyteller Stuart McLean travels cross-country in Canada.  Each week there is a long story about Dave, the proprietor of a record shop (the Vinyl Cafe), his wife Morley and their family and neighbours.  Dave is well-meaning but has a singular talent for getting into scrapes.   It is gentle Canadian humour, and often very, very funny.

This week's story features Dave's neighbour, Ted, a cycling enthusiast, or, more accurately, a cycling evangelist.  We learn about Dave's attempt to ride a $12,000 baby-blue carbon Torelli bicycle in his own, unique style.  You will note that the audience laughs knowingly at the mention of lycra.  The broadcast can be found as a podcast here, and the story is in the last third of the program.  And here is what a carbon Torelli frame looks like:

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