Thursday 6 November 2014

The Spokesman

Here is a very charming little film, less than 3 minutes long, that came out last year (2013) on Vimeo.  The filmmaker, Dean Saffron, only had an hour to conduct an interview followed by a mere 30 minutes to shoot the video!  The protagonist is an Australian collector of bicycles, James McDonald.  In the words of Mr. Saffron:
I simply had to make this video after meeting "James" a very enigmatic man who has taken it upon himself to collect one bicycle from each developmental epoch for future generations to enjoy , a kind of time capsule if you will !

Hi Everybody ,sadly my friend James "The Spokesman" has passed away from lung cancer last week.
(postscript added by the filmmaker in 2014)
There are some iconic bicycles in the video, from an 1816 Draisine replica to a fine highwheeler, a classic Dursley-Pedersen and even a Moulton.  It is a shame that there was no opportunity for a longer video since the collection, which is probably dispersed by now, was superb.

The Spokesman from dean saffron on Vimeo.

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