Thursday 19 June 2008

The New York Times notices cycling!

Christian Vande Velde training in Switzerland
(Franca Pedrazzetti for The New York Times_

Team Slipstream-Chipotle's (soon to be Garmin-Chipotle) Christian Vande Velde is the subject of a piece in today's New York Times and offers lots of good suggestions for aspiring cyclists as he discusses his training regime. He can generate 470 Watts for 10 minutes so he is probably worth listening to, even if the article appears in the "Fashion & Style" section of the newspaper. I guess the fashion element is that argylle pattern...

However, I am not so sure about the recipe for on-the-ride food: peanut butter, rice and Nutella. No beer mentioned anywhere.

N.B. In looking at the on-line NYT today, June 20, I see that the article about Christian Vande Velde is the most e-mailed article of the newspaper!


Donald said...

I'll be reading that article but I wanted to thank you for including a link on the health benefits of beer. Nice addition.

Donald said...

Just read the article... actually I wouldn't mind trying the rice/prosciutto/eggs recipe... maybe as a pre-ride meal. The nutella sounds good too... maybe a little messy on the bike though. What do you think?

Sprocketboy said...

I think you have to squash the Nutella into the rice and peanut butter. I have a recipe for homemade fig energy bars (balls, actually) and it tastes really good but is kind of messy. Cheaper than Clif Bars, though.