Friday 18 September 2009

Everything Old is New Again

As I go about assembling the last pieces for my Ancient-But-Honourable Raleigh SBDU bicycle, I have learned a great deal about classic steel racing bikes.  Some manufacturers have not forgotten about them in this age of carbon and titanium and for 2010 Colnago is bringing forth a fixed/singlespeed steel bicycle, with lugs, that will revive the Super name.

Although fitted with inexpensive Tektro brakes and probably not made in Italy, the new Colnago Super is a very beautiful bicycle.  I have located at least three online retailers who are already listing the model for sale.  At US$1900 you would expect to have some gears on it but, hey, that Colnago name is pure magic.  If I were to make the jump to a fixed gear bike (with a flip-flop freewheel hub), this might be it...

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