Friday 16 May 2008

The Blair Hill Project, or Yet More Intervals!

Nice profile!

My coach, Robert the Cruel (but Fair), has indicated on my training plan that he wants me to do hill sprints today. So, after riding by the Ottawa Bicycle Club members getting ready to do the Thursday Open Time Trial, I looked for a suitable hill. This was supposed to be 3-5% in grade. There is not much choice here in Ottawa but after a short ride I found Blair Road,w which I had done some hill training on when I did the "Learn to Race" course in, oh, 1997.

I did 8 sprints of 12 seconds each, starting each one at the bottom of the hill and then slowing down to recover, but completing the hill before turning around and coasting down to start again. In all I climbed around 500 m, which is a lot when you consider the total ride from start to finish was only 36 km. The training went well, although by the time I came to the final two sprints I was starting to hurt bad, real bad.

After doing the hill over and over, I slipped back onto the Eastern Parkway as the last time triallist was on the course so I did not interfere with anyone. Lots of mosquitoes still out, though.


Anonymous said...

Super control there

Donald said...

Sprocketboy- The biggest thing that stands out about this post is the part about your "Coach"... I'm worried about this becuase I do not have a Coach... I don't really have a strict training plan... I just ride... and work in some sprints or intervals. Should I be concerned?

Will said...

Well done

great .... your training plan looks like it is good shape.

wow the air must be thick at that altitude.

Keep up the good work

Will the fatty is trying to diet .... grouchy

Judi said...

We do hills in Cincinnati at a place called Mt. Adams. Picture SF hills without the gorgeous mountains in the backround. Kicks my ass everytime and then my jeans are too tight.

Sprocketboy said...

Donald, I have had Robert coaching me since last February, soon after I rode his San Diego Cycling Camp. Even though I probably could do a lot of the things he suggests on my own, having the coach is a real help in staying motivated.

Anonymous said...

I love hill sprints and haven't done them in awhile. Thanks for the inspiration - it's to be tomorrow.