Friday 30 May 2008


Last night as I rode home my legs hurt, and then my head, and then I had a sore throat, a resurgence of last week's annoying cold. I was disappointed not only because I felt lousy but because I could not ride the OBC Thursday time trial that was scheduled for my training. Instead I spent the evening drinking tea and watching "Lost" on television. I don't watch much tv and had never seen this before. It was quite interesting (it must surely be filmed in lush Hawaii) but completely baffling.

This morning I got up early and felt much better. I left home, riding BlackAdder off into the cool sunshine, and took the longer way in, along the Rideau River bike path. Crossing the triple bridge, I pulled off onto a little island and looked at a recent memorial to the Hungarian Revolution, of all things, and then stopped to watch four adult Canada Geese which had nine fluffly goslings among them. There were lots of people walking dogs, and the grass was a lush, rich green. I was in a great mood rolling in to work, although my office is being moved and everything, including electronic connections, is in total disarray. Cycling clears your head and it is fun to go slow too.

I feel well enough to do some fast spins tonight and my Coach of Cruelty has scheduled me for 90 minutes of work. It won't make up for the lost time trial but at least I will be back on schedule. The weekend forecast is for rain, rain, rain so I think it might be off to the gym, plus polishing up the Campagnolo parts before reassembling the Marinoni.


Judi said...

Funny how we hate to take time off to get well. Our legs tell us to GO and our head tells us to rest. Sucks you missed out on a training day but you know it's gonna happen from time to time. Hope you feel better 100% tonight.

Sprocketboy said...

It is raining this evening so no riding tonight. If it had rained yesterday I would have had a good excuse for yesterday's non-performance. You are right, Judi, about how much we hate to take time off to get well and/or recover. There is always this feeling with endurance athletes that some working out brings results so more working out has to be be better. No true, of course, and I am going to have a beer tonight. I'll have lots of riding next weekend when I do the 350 km Rideau Lakes Tour.