Thursday 12 June 2008

The Business Press Discovers Cycling: Part 2

Today one of Canada's leading newspapers, the Globe & Mail, has a piece on Canadian bicycle manufacturer Cervelo, with the story being the cover story in the Report on Business magazine. It is an amazing success, with sales growing 40 to 70 percent annually. Check out the article here.


Donald said...

Yes, very good article. It's interesting to learn more about the roots and history of a company.
So, I wonder... are you or ahve you ever been interested in a Cervelo? I know you have the Tarmac but I'm not sure of the rest of your cyclery inventory.

Sprocketboy said...

When I was in Washington, DC, my friends Jeff and Tim both bought Cervelos. I then became the butt of jokes about being an unpatriotic Canadian and riding a bike from California. In fact, we are all riding bikes from Taiwan!